March 12 cusp astrology

If you were born on a cusp, an astrologer will need to know the latitude and longitude of the place where you were born as well as your exact time of birth. These pieces of information will allow the astrologer to accurately calculate your sun sign.

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One thing you may have noticed is that sometimes when you look up your sun sign, you find a discrepancy in the range of dates used for your sign. These can differ from one or two days depending on the source you are using.

This can create confusion, and some people might decide they aren't a particular zodiac sign after all. The zodiac is comprised of twelve signs , and each is assigned thirty degrees within a degree circle. The sun moves through each sign's constellation. When you're born, where the sun is during that moment of birth determines which one is your sun sign.

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A range of dates for each sun sign is determined by the date the sun enters a zodiac sign's constellation and the date it leaves. The reason the range of dates can change is because the calendar cycle changes due to leap years.

March 12 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

Many astrologers use the current year's dates while others prefer to stick with the original fixed dates assigned to specific zodiac signs. Slow down, and allow those around you to slow down, too. Think before you speak, but don't concern yourself with whether what you are saying is right. Instead, think about how what you're saying might make others feel. If it's harsh, soften it.

What It Really Means If You're A Cusp Sign In Astrology

And, if you know someone who was born on the Pisces-Aries cusp, understand that their passion doesn't always equal commitment. And that's ok.

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You can also think of it like sitting next to a stranger at a dinner party—you might direct the conversation toward your shared interests, but it won't fundamentally change who you are when you get home. Unless, of course, that stranger is Oprah. For starters, you might be a bit of a know-it-all, but that's not necessarily a negative trait. So don't the messenger, okay?

Because cusp signs are born during a time of transition, it's up to you to either lead the way, running toward change, or jog in place, staying where it's comfortable. Not so surprisingly, the first path "requires courage and risk," says Joyce, but hey, isn't that what life is all about? That has to come from you Take the risk for what you believe in—own your talent, beliefs, and genius," she advises.

Moon-Sign Table & Transit Dates

But take heart in knowing that you're not the only person who feels that way about their astrological fate: Few of us are spitting images of what our Sun sign indicates. Namely: Mercury and Venus. Your personality will still resonate with Gemini on some level because you have two planets there. As much as you might love your Sun sign, here's the tea: It's not nearly as important as you think—cusp or not. Whether you're on the hunt for a romantic match , figuring out your life purpose, or just trying to get through Monday, astrology is complex, and you need to see the "whole picture," says Joyce.

That means looking at your birth chart as a whole.

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