Capricorn man and capricorn woman relationship compatibility

I am a cap woman dating a cap man. We been dating for a year now. Everything was great starting off of course we get along very well we know everyother like the back of our hands.

Why Capricorn Men & Capricorn Women Are So Good In Bed [Capricorn & Sex]

But after awhile it just seems that we don't have the same passion. It just seems that the fire was put out. For me I like to go out and just do things and the relationship been boring. Theres no excitment and he is just real lazy, always wants me to take care of him and at times is very inconsiderate. I do love him and it really did seem as if we were soulmates but I just don't see it lasting anymore. I don't know what to do. I am a cap woman and dated a Virgo man perrffect match , an Aries not so perfect At first, he the cap seemed perfect.

He did everything right; was romantic, respectful, was the absolute sweetest, would always call and text, and we would have the best intellectual conversations. Then he tried to rush into sex, and I held my ground, and then he overnight became cold like ice. I thought it would pass, but no, he just became heartless and uncaring. I could see his true colors now, and ended it before he could. I realized he knew what he was doing all along, and I felt used and lied to. It's truly sad, because in his 'mr.

I guess it was all an act for him? I still don't know, but do not think I would date one again. I had a very brief encounter with a fellow Capricorn. At first, it seemed like a match made in heaven. We liked the same things, had the same tendencies, etc. I thought that maybe I had found "the one".

However, he was rather moody and depressed all the time. He'd get easily worked up over something rather tiny. It just seeme so immature to me. Because we're so alike, his moods easily rubbed off on me. When he got moody, so did I. I really hated being surrounded by his negative energy as it made me feel negative as well. Also, we just had too much in common. The chase was short. Things got boring too quickly. His flaws stuck out like a sore thumb because I saw his own flaws reflected in my own self.

Everything I hated about myself, I saw in him.

Capricorn and Capricorn Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

And everything I eventually hated about him, I saw in myself. It was just too self destructive. So, unless you're able to shake things up and break the routine this is essentially the opposite of a stereotypical Capricorn so good luck with that , I urge you to stay away. To keep a relationship like this, stay interested. Find new things that you could do together. Don't be too clingy or it'll end fast. Clear up any jealous tendencies you may have. And compromise, compromise, compromise! The mountain isn't big enough for the two of you.

Capricorn Woman Capricorn Man Love Compatibility

Step down once in a while. I have been with a Capricorn Man for six months, we both have Scorpio Moons as well. His Mars is in Capricorn, mine is in Scorpio. His Venus is in Aquarius, mine is in Pisces.

Capricorn Man and Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Fortunately, we have enough really strong positive aspects to sustain us as we work through our misunderstandings when we misconstrue one another. We've helped one another through difficult situations with our respective children, and careers Capricorn woman with a Capricorn man.. We have been away from each other for 2 or more years twice, we end up conversating again. He is living in a different state than I, but we we love one another.