Quindecile in astrology

This text explores the quindecile aspect and its use in identifiying obsessive-compulsive tendencies through natal horoscopes, progressions, transits and synastry. Visit Seller's Storefront. Please contact me if you are not satisfied with your order in any manner.

The quindecile : the astrology & psychology of obsession

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Save for Later. About this title Synopsis: We like to think we are sensible beings who base our actions on conscious decisions. I always strive to achieve best customer satisfaction and have always described book accurately. I got lot of Out of Print and Rare books in my store and still adding lot of books. I was taught a point system to determine the Lord of the Nativity, as it is sometimes called.

Add up the points each planet has accrued to determine the dominant planet. The planet with the most points is considered the planetary chart ruler. If there is a tie, two planets can be equal co-rulers. However, first consider the order of importance listed above. A repeating dynamic is a reoccurring theme that seems to shout at you because it appears several times in various ways throughout the chart.

Thus, they are thus strong indicators of subpersonality dynamics. Michel Gauquelin found that individuals in various professions tend to be born at times when certain planets are in these sectors. They are strong indicators of archetypal patterns seeking expression with a potential for subpersonalities to manifest. Thus, planets located here, particularly near the IC, can be very significant of shadow aspects and subpersonalities operating in the chart.

Planets located within these sectors in the 4th and 10th houses — the parental axis — are often indicative of subpersonalities that formed from primary characteristics imprinted from the mother or father. Planets ruling the signs of the nodal axis are another indicator of habitual unconscious patterns from the past South Node and the current intention of soul development North Node. The Planets ruling intercepting signs, contained wholly within the house and not appearing on either cusp, are also significant because they can indicate early childhood conditioning or stressors from which subpersonalities form.

A planet ruling the sign a stellium of planets is in or a house containing all or at least three of the stellium planets. The 12th house hidden elements , 8th transformation , 6th healing , and 4th subconscious emotional framework are particularly important. The opposition within the kite is important because it represents the inner tension that is repressed or unseen, locked inside the easy self-confidence and facade of the exterior trines.

However, the closer to exact any aspect is, the greater the potential for subpersonalities to occur.

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It provides fertile ground for subpersonality dynamics to occur. When these aspects involve the Sun, Moon, Nodes, Pluto, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, or the planetary chart ruler, they are particularly significant. The most obvious one, of course, is the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant in Sagittarius. This makes Jupiter the planetary chart ruler because it rules the sign of the Ascendant and luminaries.

There is a link here between the Moon and Jupiter that can show us a subconscious undercurrent operating, perhaps in regard to feeling secure enough to express the truth. Chiron is opposite Uranus and Jupiter in Cancer, indicating a wound that could create subpersonality dynamics. It suggests a detachment from feelings or nurturing. We see the possibility that trust Cancer and faith Jupiter were shattered Uranus. The out-of-bounds Moon often indicates someone who is seeking material security or career prominence as a substitute for the love and attention that was not received from the mother in childhood.

The Capricorn-Cancer nodal axis also relates to the dynamics involved in achieving success and feeling secure or nurtured. We are beginning to see a reoccurring theme here. After all, the Sun is the spiritual Self, the dynamic part. Besides all the other indicators in the chart, Richard himself revealed the underlying issue.

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  • This man was very intelligent —a writer with a highly successful book on the bestseller list. His mother was an alcoholic and he learned to take care of her needs emotionally as a child. He continued this codependent pattern as an adult, becoming a Caretaker Moon in relationships, denying his own needs and feelings. Jupiter, the chart ruler, is the archetypal Truth Seeker, but Mercury, the Communicator, is hidden in the 12th-house conjunct Saturn.

    His words were restricted. However, as an articulate speaker and writer, only a certain type of communication was difficult for him. In order to transform his Caretaker Moon and Codependent Venus subpersonalities, he needed to heal his feminine. He had to learn to nurture himself by expressing the truth of his own feelings in relationship with women.

    In the case of Joan Chart 3 , we find another example of a 12th-house planet, Pluto, which is square Mars and opposite Venus as part of a challenging t-square with the Moon. These indicators and the other challenging aspects involving Pluto make it likely that this planet will have a subpersonality expression.

    With Pluto in the 12th house, Joan seemed addicted to crisis Crisis Junkie. She always had some drama going on. These crises were real, not imagined. There were, in fact, terrible things happening in her life. Her brother was murdered, she had a medically unnecessary total hysterectomy with complications; and her mother was involved in a malpractice suit as a result of being given too much radiation during a treatment.

    Joan had a gloomy depression that she refused to address, which indicated deeper subconscious feelings stemming from emotional abuse from her alcoholic father and sexual molestation Pluto opposite Venus by a childhood doctor Pluto quindecile Mercury.

    Synastry Aspects- Sun Square Pluto

    The misdiagnosis that led to her hysterectomy was just another replay of this abuse scenario. She was also in a codependent marriage Venus with an emotionally abusive alcoholic 12th-house Pluto. There are other subpersonalities operating here. Joan was compulsively focused on spreading gossip, and it always had a negative and self-righteous tone to it.

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    She has both a Gossip subpersonality Mercury and a Judge Jupiter who holds the one and only truth. Her gossip was witty and funny, showing a bit of a Clown subpersonality Mercury as well. Mars in Sagittarius can be very exuberant. Joan kept the Pluto depression hidden with her constant high energy talking and joking around. By playing the Clown Pluto quindecile Mercury , she was subconsciously trying to get the love she never experienced as a child Pluto opposite Sun-Venus.

    The Taurus Moon in this t-square shows a need for peace and stillness.

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    I recommended meditation, quiet time in nature, and an emotional healing process to help her resolve the issues of the past. She needed a body-mind counseling method that involved the deep clearing of subconscious emotions 12th-house Pluto , since she tended to make every session of traditional talk therapy into a big party that merely fueled her dysfunction.

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    These disowned parts of the self are often what bring a client to an astrologer or therapist because they are the source of internal conflicts that often influence life experiences and external behavior. As we help our clients recognize these different elements operating within them and assist them in working consciously with these forces, they can experience a whole, integrated sense of self. I have found that astrological consultation provides a powerful way to begin this process of integration; I can discuss the shadow elements with the client in a nonjudgmental way while demonstrating the positive intention of the planetary energy that is seeking expression.

    Discussing subpersonality dynamics provides a way of objectifying the chart for the client. Your chart can indicate how this aspect challenges you and the best way for you to work with it. You present it as something that everyone has to deal with. To assist clients to better understand a subpersonality, it will be useful to explore its function, protective mechanism, or positive intention. Does this aspect of the personality serve a purpose or help the individual in some way? Is this person getting any benefit from its influence?

    Revisiting quindecile (° aspect of obsession) in synastry - Lindaland

    What is the essential planetary energy linked with the subpersonality trying to accomplish? Could its qualities be expressed in a healthier way? Where did you first learn that? The compulsive quality of the quindecile amplifies the tendency of Pluto in Virgo towards obsessive or controlling rituals. This woman believed that she needed to control her behavior and do everything perfectly in order to avoid the shattering abuse of her childhood Mars conjunct Uranus and Pluto.