Vaitheeswaran koil nadi astrology in bangalore

They've either been told that Nadi astrology is a scam, or they've encountered scams from Nadi astrologers around the temple such as this alarming must-read example. Yet, the fact that many people can be seen getting rituals performed indicates some belief in it. Want to try your luck?

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These are the only two families of astrologers who have been practicing for many generations and are believed to possess most of the original Nadi scriptures. Will you have a positive experience there? It's impossible to say.

Nadi Astrology in Bangalore

It all hinges on locating the correct leaf, which is easier said than done! Or, it may no longer exist many leaves have been destroyed over the years.

Not everyone will get their leaf. Whether you do, or not, is supposedly up to destiny.

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There are tales of accurate predictions, so it's not possible to say that Nadi astrology doesn't have merit. However, the problem lies in being able to find an astrologer that's authentic and has the right leaf. The vast majority of them don't. The tedious process of finding the right leaf is carried out firstly by taking a thumb print.

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The lines on the thumb are classified into various types and the palm leaves are arranged according to these types. There are categories of thumb prints, and for each type there are four to five bundles of leaves. Each bundle of leaves has 12 chapters containing names, life details, and past life details. If you want all 12 chapters read, you'll have to pay accordingly. The appropriate leaf is identified through a process of elimination.

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The astrologer asks a series of questions and answers related to the information on the leaves selected. In order for your exact leaf to be found, you need to respond "yes" to all the questions for a leaf. The astrologers will frame their questions in a way that enables them to obtain personal information, and then reconstruct it to give a prediction.

About Naadi

They also play on people's fears, and will always suggest expensive remedies to correct "problems" such as sins from past births that they identify. On many occasions, it is observed that the narrations are further elaborated by the way of discussion between godly couples. On occasions on behalf of the seeker, Mata - Mother - Anusuya elaborates the question or sometimes persuades to remove her spouse to provide the solution or remedy out of her concern for the seeker.

During these Jeevanadi sessions the atmosphere gets supercharged with emotions. It changes in jiffy.

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Sometimes laughter occupies the light mood, smile appears on the receiving best compliments from Maharishi. When scolding appears through the reading for the mistakes committed, face becomes gloomy; the tears roll out for regrettable the plight ; on finding solutions to come out of the grim future the heart beats return to normal pace. On some occasions Maharishi himself, with his spouse gets choked up with emotions. They plead for grace of the Almighty - Param Shiva - to pull out of the deplorable state of his seeker. The seeker feels overjoyed when Maharishi himself assures that he will start penance on his behalf.

The heart fills with gratitude that in times of difficulties, one is not alone. There is some great power to protect us, guide us to sincerely reach out for the assistance in time. After the completion of the session, when all - seeker along with reader and translator - come out of the room, everyone goes into exhilarated state of mind for a long time. This is only the outline of what happens inside the reading room. One had has to witness it, experience it to get the divine blessings and guidance of spiritually enlightened souls. With the hands folded for prayers, head bowed down with reverence, if one goes to seek blessings, why will he not get the best of the supreme divine?

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